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Java Engineer

Full time

About the role

We're looking for a Java Engineer with 1-2 years working experience

You will:

  • Participate in the technical planning, technology selection, architecture design and development of the core technology segment of the company's core SaaS products in application engineering/data mining/machine learning, to meet the needs of high-speed development of business iterations.
  • Participate in technical problems solving to continuously improve the system scalability, performance, stability, cost and engineering effectiveness under massive data and high concurrent requests.
  • Continuously optimize and improve the architecture design, code quality and technical documentation precipitation, timely resolution of product issues and customer feedback, and continuous optimization of product experience.

Ideally, you have

  • Major in Computer-related fields. Proficiency in Linux platform, more than 1 year of Java development experience
  • Solid foundation in Java programming. Understanding of JVM virtual machine principles, proficiency in Java collection classes, Java concurrency and network programming; Familiarity with mastering Spring, Springboot and other common application frameworks and principles; proficiency in using a common Java microservices framework
  • Familiar with common cache/message queue/KV storage/object storage and other basic middleware; Experience in the design and development of highly concurrent systems; experience in machine learning engineering is a plus
  • Solid software engineering knowledge and coding specification awareness. Focusing on code quality and documentation quality
  • Strong sense of responsibility and teamwork, strong anti-stress ability, strong self-drive.